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Welcome to Gallay

Gallay Limited, which also incorporates Becool Radiators, produces engine cooling, air conditioning and heating systems for a wide range of vehicles and industrial applications.

DSEi 2019 Exhibition

Gallay had an excellent reception at the DSEi exhibition in London during September 2019, where we showcased examples of our latest products.

NQA Environmental Certificates

Gallay successfully achieves the ISO14001 standard for their Environmental Management Systems

New Manufacturing Equipment 2018

Gallay have recently installed several new pieces of equipment to increase production at our Wellingborough facility

1911 Gallay Radiator is Famous!

A radiator manufactured in 1911 in our Scrubs Lane factory, is still in service today,

Quality Excellence

Gallay successfully achieves the ISO 9001:2015 standard for their Quality Management System

2019 Factory Extension is Completed

As Gallay further expands production, the latest factory extension is commissioned

Gallay has a long established history and expertise in the design, manufacture and logistics of cooling and heating products worldwide. A UK company, based in a modern 3,500 square meter factory in Wellingborough, the company is part of the larger G&M Group. The latest computer aided design techniques and modern manufacturing technology are combined with the experience and expertise built up over many years to produce compact, robust and reliable equipment.

The main products that Gallay designs and manufacturers are engine water radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, fuel coolers, air conditioning and heating systems. Auxiliary related equipment is available to allow for complete “drop-in” assemblies (for example fans, hoses, tanks, motors and so on).

Our customers are varied and extend to engine manufactures, on and off-highway vehicles, military vehicles and equipment, ground works, materials handling, rail and static applications (pumps, compressors and generators). Gallay and Becool Radiators supply primarily to the O.E market.

The company has a long tradition of working to the highest standards of quality in design and manufacture. ISO9001:2008 is only the latest in a long series of quality approvals which Gallay has won over the years.

Please contact us, we are ready to help.

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