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What are Cookies?

Almost all websites use Cookies

The Gallay website uses Cookies for a few reasons, like remembering your recently viewed products, and allowing you to log in and place orders.

The Gallay Cookie simply holds a unique reference number that we use to recognise your pc. It holds no personal information whatsoever, and is not passed on to any other website.

And, if you don`t come back to our website, the Cookie will automatically expire after 30 days.

We also use Google Analytics to provide meaningful reports about how our site performance. Google Analytics also requires cookies, but does not collect any personal data.

What do I need to do?

Recently, the UK law changed regarding the use of cookies, and all websites now require "implied consent" from the person viewing the website in order to set a Cookie.

As our site requires cookies to function correctly, we have already set the cookie on your browser.

If you would rather disable cookies, please do so from within your browser settings page.
If you use Internet Explorer, you can find out how to disable cookies here.

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