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Gallay Ltd

Gallay Limited was originally founded in Switzerland by the Swiss engineer Jean Gallay who designed and manufactured radiators for bi-planes. In the UK, Delaney Gallay was founded in 1911. The original Delaneys were car enthusiasts, manufacturing the Delaney-Belleville car and other accessories for the automobile industry in Maida Ville, North London. The company expanded by building, under license, the Gallay radiator from Switzerland, a design which proved to be the forerunner of those used in modern cars. Having successfully taken this step the logical development was to design and manufacture similar units for the rapidly expanding car and aircraft industries.

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Renowned automotive journalist and historian, Giles Chapman, wrote a fascinating article in May 2017 AUTOMOBILE magazine about the early years of Gallay and the Delaneys in the United Kingdom

Through the 1920ís to 1940ís, Gallay Limited operating out of 103-109 Scrubs Lane, Willesden, London, continued to develop radiators and oil coolers for the automotive and military market, with Delaney Gallay operating from Cricklewood, Edgware Road, London, producing all forms of radiators for military aircraft, notably the Spitfire and the Hurricane, and Gallay became synonymous with the field of heat transfer. The company was expanded to 5 sites and 2000 employees by Tom Delaney, the founderís son.

Cricklewood Factory Manufacture of Fighting Vehicle Parts at Gallay

In 1959 the company was bought by The Linen Thread Company Ltd, who were at the time continuing a diversification programme into the engineering industry. In 1961, The Linen Thread Company Ltd, comprising more than 50 companies, changed its name to Lindustries and it comprised three divisions; Textile, Overseas and Engineering. Delaney Gallay was the largest company within the Engineering Division and had expanded greatly, with continued growth in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers for the automotive and aerospace industries. The company was also the first to design and manufacture heaters and air conditioning for vehicles in the UK.

Ford Escort Car Heater Assembly & Preparation of Components for Aluminium Salt Bath Brazing

In 1979, Hanson Trust, the corporate conglomerate specialising in industrial holdings and management, purchased Lindustries for £25 million. Hanson, with its huge portfolio of industrial companies, decided in 1985 that Delaney Gallay did not fit into itsí future strategy and offered for sale various parts of the company. Gallay Limited, now operating from a site in Wellingborough, manufacturing radiators, oil coolers, heaters and associated products, was a private management buy-out, thus splitting its links from Delaney. The new owners Tony Bryant-Fenn and John Bridger developed and grew the company, with acquisitions of Peck Vehicle Heating in 1993 and Becool Radiators in 1998.

In 2004, with Tony Bryant-Fenn entering retirement, the G&M Radiator Manufacturing Company Limited, based in Glasgow Scotland, purchased 100% of the shares of Gallay Limited, and Gallay became part of the G&M Group. Come and visit us today and see our modern design and manufacturing equipment, which supplies customers worldwide such as Renault, Caterpillar, Textron, JCB, Terex, McLaren, BAE.

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